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Category : Industrial Design, Opinion, Personal, Technology · by Chris Aug 3rd, 2010

So, Friday afternoon I spent running between Rogers stores, and calling every other place I could possibly think of, looking for none other than the new iPhone 4. I was on contract with Virgin Mobile and I was trying to change to a new provider, so I was looking at Rogers, Bell, Telus, Fido, etc, and after a few solid hours getting answers on the phone (never mind a salutation) like “Hello, you’ve reached Rogers, we are sold out of iPhones, sorry. Is there anything else I could help you with?”, I then gave up. I had resolved to wait for the second wave of phones, and just sat down and went on texting my friends on my crappy QWERTY phone.

Saturday evening (while out shopping), I decided to stop at the Virgin Mobile booth, and to my extreme surprise, the girl (who is now my favourite person in the whole world) pulled up that immaculate white box with shiny letters on the side saying “iPhone 4″. She told me it was, or at least one of, the last phones in the city. I almost died from excitement. Now fast-forward to today, and I’ve got a good 20 hours on the phone, and I discovered my new favourite toy.

I’m going to try to not turn this into a review, but I want to give you my take on the phone.

iphone-4-screen-comparison First off, this is one hell of a beautiful piece of design. I know I’ve said this before, but it still surpassed all my expectations. The screen (the new Retina Display) is absolutely incredible. You would need a magnifying glass to see a pixel on that screen. Images have never been crisper, video has never been more clear, and colours never more vibrant. It’s a pleasure to work with.

The phone is lightning fast too. It handles everything you could throw at it, and still run circles while doing back flips. The “multi-tasking” is superb as well. I use MSN, Facebook, MMS, and the iPod without the slightest lag or hiccup. It’s awesome! While we’re talking speed, I have to mention how fast the shutter is in the new camera. It rivals my legitimate cameras, both in speed and (I’m not exaggerating) image quality. The 5MP camera has a good image sensor, and a decent focus system. Gone are the days of grainy cell phone photos (Hey! Is that a zit or a image defect??)

About that huge issue around the antennae. I’ve held my phone is both my right, and left hands, using 3G, WiFi and Edge. At worst, I’ve seen it drop a bar (from 5 to 4), and even that required me to literally cover the entire silver band. I would say that the hubbub over the antennae was blown out of proportion. It may have minor flaws (receptions), but every phone does; this one still rises above the rest.

I really do love this phone. It was well worth every penny spent. It replaced my iPod touch, cell phone, gave me a personal organizer, a portable game system (the 3d games look incredible on the hi-res screen!), and a nice camera to boot. I’ve even got a kick-ass microphone with built in voice effects (auto-tune is so much fun)!

All in all, I would recommend the iPhone 4 to anyone who can get their hands on one (good luck to you!, I saw one on eBay for $1000 USD). It’s really fast, looks amazing, feels really solid in your hand, and is a lot of fun to use.  Good work Apple!

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