Spotlight: Jason Hackenwerth

Category : Art · by Chris Aug 12th, 2010

I have to say that this guy is amazing. I simply love new, interesting ideas and takes on traditional mediums and Jason here really hit this on the head.

Jason Hackenwerth is a New York artist, who specializes in balloon art. Which probably sounds a bit odd, I know it did to me. He takes these regular, and often child’s objects and turns them into impressive art pieces.

We’ve all seen balloon animals, you know, dogs, cats, or for the artistically challenged: balloon snakes, but Jason Hackenwerth takes balloon art to an entirely new level. These works aren’t just balloon shape, or animals, they are full blown sculptures. The sheer size of the pieces alone is enough to empress, let alone the details and the inventive ways he makes the balloons work.

The balloon beasts and creations are totally surreal. Anyone would be shocked and hugely interested in any sort of giant, suspended bacteria like mass in front of them. You see bacteria like forms, large fantasy style worms, dragon-esque creatures and tons of other organically shaped forms. Now I am not sure if Jason intended to create (at least what I see) insect/bacteria sort figures, but either way, their impact is immense. It totally blows my mind to see the common balloon turned into an intricate sculpture.

The only real way to understand how cool Jason’s works are is to see them. So please, do just that. Take a look at the gallery below, and then go check out his personal site. It really is awesome.

All of these wonderful images and pieces of artwork are owned by Jason Hackenwerth.

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