All Good Artists Are Crazy, Right?

Category : Art, Design, Personal · by Chris May 5th, 2011

I’d like to think I am an ambitious person. You might think so too after reading this post. But hopefully I can pull this off and get a ton of great experience in the long run!

What am I talking about? Well I’m sure you’ve heard about those “100 drawings” or “Photo every day” projects, right? Well I’m doing that, except pushing is further (as you should do with everything you work on!). What I’m doing is creating a design based off of song lyrics (on a 6inx6in canvas) every day of my summer break. This means I’m going to pump out over 120 of these puppies.

Why am I doing this? Am I crazy? Well yes. Sort of. I feel like I never do enough design, and this is a great way for me to force myself to do more. I have a starting point every day (lyrics) and some basic guidelines (must include lyrics, must be 6inx6in – creativity cannot live without constraints!). The biggest plus to doing this is that I get to be crazy. I have no one marking this, no one judging it and no one to answer to. I‘m using these to explore new styles, ideas and concepts and hopefully over the summer, you’ll see lots of experimentation and progression!

Right now, I’m posting the designs to my personal Facebook (if we’ve not met in real life, outside business, you won’t see it) and my DeviantArt Account (Link). I’m going to stop posting all my designs on Facebook (maybe one a week) and just post them to DA and here, on my blog. That means each week you’ll see a post with 5-7 of my designs on there (the weekends get difficult to do these on, so sometimes I do my designs in the middle of the night). Once I have all my designs done (in the fall) I am going to do a massive poster of them all which I will make sure to post everywhere I can possibly post it.

So, with no further ado, here are the first five designs!

Day 1 – Seungri – What Can I Do

Day 2 – Metric – Gimme Sympathy

Day 3 – The Fugitives – This Poem is Gay, I.E. Awesome

Day 4 – Easter Song

Day 5 – The Fugitives – Trading Mental Identities


(4) comments

Travis Hay
1215 days ago · Reply

1) the Metric one is my current desktop background. Damn right I stole it.

2) When you make a poster of it all, I totally want to buy one.

1214 days ago · Reply

@Travis Hay, YOU STOLE IT?! NO WAY. :P I’m glad you like it!

And I can sign you up for the first one ;)

1170 days ago · Reply

If you wanna be a good artist, go fall in love.

Chris Wiggs
1170 days ago · Reply

@Alex, That’s an interesting idea! Everyone should doing just that! :P

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