Spotlight: Keight Maclean

Category : Art, Spotlight · by Chris Jun 30th, 2011

The digital age has changed art and design forever. It’s how my profession lives and thrives! Outside the realm of design, the artscape has been changed quite a lot. How do I mean? Let’s take a look at the world of digital painting as well as a little spotlight on an awesome artist and friend of mine, Keight Maclean.

What is a digital painting you ask? Well it’s a painting. A painting done digitally. What this means is that an artist would open up their trusty Photoshop style program on their computer, pick a “brush” and start painting away. Now, you might wonder why this is so special. Not only does this allow an artist to work at any scale, but allows an artist to work at a painting and redo anything with ease. It also gets rid of the insane cost of paints (Trust me, I know. I bought $15 tubes of paint for a class!). So by giving an artist the flexibility to work an image, work at any size and no longer be limited by their paints (you have billions of colours available to you on the computer!), the artist is allowed to run wild.

All this freedom allows artist to explore styles that were not traditionally available. There are artists out there that work in such a photo-realistic way that it seems like you’re looking at a photo.

Enough babbling now, let’s look at some work. I’m going to be show casing a wonderful artist I know who goes by the name of Keight Maclean. She has some really awesome digital paintings that range in style from dramatic, almost expressionistic works, to insanely realistic pieces. I’ll keep the peanut gallery at bay for this one, and let you enjoy Keight’s wonderful work.

Note: I encourage you to click the images to see a full res version of them! It takes a close look to really understand and appreciate the work and talent that Keight pours into her pieces. and if you want to see more, check out her DeviantArt account (which has links to all her wonderful online adventures!) [Link]


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